Dark Souls

10 Best Games to Play if You Like Dark Souls
Dark Souls is supremely crafted, unique action RPG. Its difficulty, which is an amalgam of stamina and item management, patience during combat, and deciphering cryptic mechanics are things that are unique to this series of games. Playing through a Dark Souls game makes you feel like you accomplished…
10 Best Dark Souls Bosses
By now it’s hard to escape the phenomenon that is the Dark Souls series. Despite being fairly well-known among just about anyone that has played a video game, it is still seen as something of an obscure game. This may be due to its seemingly impossible difficulty, the incredibly vague narrati…
The World of Dark Souls
Dark Souls has a lot to teach us. Within the depths of its master code are mysteries, only to be discovered by the most diligent and thoughtful of gamers. It is a game that not only entertains, but can teach you something about life, death, and level design.