The Blood Elf's character model is a little outdated, which makes it stand out against the other models in World of Warcraft, but not in a good way. That will soon change.

In a recent news update on its website, Blizzard has opened up about what it's doing to update its Blood Elf model. While the team doesn't have an exact release date, they have been working very hard to bring a new model for Blood Elf players. They have the model and textures basically down pat and are just working on variations to these as well as rigging and animating.

In terms of the specific models, Blizzard has Senior Artists Dusty Nolting and Joe Keller working on the female and male model, respectively. Nolting has said that the most challenging part for him with the female is focusing on the features that have to be delicate--such as her nose and fingertips. "For the female specifically, something we did often was move things around in small but deliberate increments," Nolting said. Keller brought up the pose and hair of the male model and how he wants to focus on those things that make the male model specifically a Blood Elf. "His anatomy, facial features, and hair will all get an update while still maintaining his iconic look," Keller states.

If you're excited about these character models, you can look forward to them in the not-too-distant future. Blizzard wants to get them out as soon as possible for its fans and players, but it also doesn't want to sacrifice the quality these models deserve. You can take a look at the preliminary work below.


Speaking of Blood Elves, man are they OP in Hearthstone.