Blizzard put out a charming little blue goat pet to raise money for the Red Cross to help with Ebola relief in Africa, and it sure did raise some money.

When the Ebola outbreak first started to get attention, Blizzard was just one of many companies that decided to jump in and help where possible. It created Argi, the blue goat, to help with the relief. Every dollar that was spent on Argi was directly donated. Argi is a little blue goat pet that is usable in World of Warcraft that ran for $10 in the U.S. The adoption process ran from Dec. 3 to Dec. 31, and now the numbers are in on just how much money this cute little Draenai pet raised. According to an update on its Blog, Blizzard has announced that $1.9 Million was raised by this adorable lady.

For the people who did buy Argi, you can rest easy at night knowing you helped a great cause. For the people who didn't buy Argi (for whatever reason) there's nothing to fear -- she is still purchasable. However, while she is still available, the money that goes towards buying her now won't be donated to the American Red Cross. So, if you're looking to donate, you will have to go directly to its website. Purchasing Argi still has its perks, though. You will be able to unlock her immediately after you purchase her, and she will be usable on any of your characters as long as they're on the same account.

It's awesome to see how easily the community embraced Argi in all her generous goodness and raised such a whopping amount of money for the Ebola relief aid.