Blizzard Entertainment director John Hight is keen to see more ‘World of Warcraft’ movies, but doesn’t want to "fall into the trap" of becoming a filmmaker.

The popular fantasy online role-playing game was launched by the studio back in 2004 before being adapted for the big screen in 2016 for the film 'Warcraft' and Hight would prefer that the title keeps its gaming roots at heart.

Speaking to IGN, he said: "We make games and I think that games will always be our core, and so ‘WoW’ will be centred around that.

"I don't want to fall into the trap of, ‘I will be a filmmaker now.’ I think leave that to the folks that really know what they're doing."

Hight added that the studio would be open to seeing the franchise be translated into other forms of media but doesn't want the gaming identity to be stripped away.

He explained: "If we can find talent in other areas doing media that have that shared love and passion for ‘WoW’, absolutely.

"But I think I’ve seen, unfortunately, some of my colleagues get enamoured with the idea of becoming filmmakers and leveraging the opportunity that they have in owning the I.P. or controlling the I.P. to be an entry into filmmaking.

"But there are so many professionals who have been doing this for so many years, [and] there could be dozens if not a hundred films that can execute so much better.

"I wouldn't have somebody that only made movies come in and try and build a game like ‘WoW’, right? So I think finding those partnerships is the right approach."

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