The full cast for BioShock Infinite has been revealed, giving us an idea of the voices we'll hear coming out of the mouths of Columbia's denizens.

If you've been keeping up with the news about the game, then you'd know that main characters Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth are voiced by Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper. Baker's worked on games like Final Fantasy 13, Catherine, and Batman: Arkham City while Courtnee lent her voice to movies and games like Surf's Up, Ponyo, and Kingdom Hearts 2. Some of you might also remember Ms. Draper in her role as Morgan Hudson on The Disney Channel series, The Jersey!

But the list of actors in this game is staggering to say the least. Just as a sampler, we've got popular voice actors like Laura Bailey (Lust in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood), Steve Blum (Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop), and Commander Shepard herself, Jennifer Hale.

You can see the full list of voice actors on this blog post on the Irrational Games site. It should be fun to try and identify the actors and match them with their characters! You could even make a game out of it in real life if you really wanted.

And if you haven't seen the videos below, which feature Ken Levin, Courtnee Draper, and Troy Baker working together, then check them out and see these people perfecting their craft! It should be noted that some of the audio is NSFW, so viewer discretion is advised.

Listen for these voice actors when the game drops on March 26th, 2013!