Irrational's new trailer for BioShock Infinite shows what life is like living among the clouds.

With the release of BioShock Infinite getting closer every day, Irrational is ramping up the hype machine. It's a good thing we are all looking forward to this sequel, otherwise the frequency with which these gameplay trailers are arriving might seem like overkill. Since there was so much radio silence on this title for so long, we welcome each and every last little morsel of BioShock Infinite Irrational is willing to share before the game's March 26th release.

This latest footage shows off a great deal more of Columbia than we've seen in action before, and there's plenty of said action included as well. The more we see of this game, the more we look forward to finally getting a chance to play. Check out the trailer below, and let us know what element of BioShock Infinite has you most excited in the comments.