This is without a doubt, the best Free App of the Day deal we've ever seen. In what must amount to the biggest secret ever held in video games, Irrational Games has just released a free-to-play iOS version of their critically acclaimed new shooter. Without question, that makes Bioshock Infinite today's Free App of the Day!

The iOS version isn't a dumbed-down endless runner or card trading game of Bioshock either. Instead, it's a fully realized first-person shooter that's hard to tell apart from the real game. The iOS version does not contain content found in the console and PC version, but instead serves as supplemental material, providing a sidequest for an area of Columbia that's only hinted at in the full game.

We don't even need to tell you that the touchscreen controls work like a dream. This is definitely one of the most, if not the most impressive FPS game on iOS. It's hard for us to tell if we are even playing a mobile game or not.

Why are you still reading this?!? Download a copy of Bioshock Infinite today for your iPhone and iPad!

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