A Russian cosplayer with a striking resemblance to BioShock Infinite's Elizabeth has been hired by Irrational Games as the character's official model.

Anna Moleva, who is known as Ormeli on her deviantART page, has thoroughly impressed the folks at Irrational with her Elizabeth cosplay. How impressed were they? Well, they went ahead and hired her to be the official model for the character, meaning it's her likeness they'll use in the box art, key art, and an ad on TV.

A brief interview on the official BioShock Infinite website reveals what got her cosplaying video game characters, starting with Prince of Persia's Elika back in 2008. Moleva also talks a little about Elizabeth's appeal and why she decided to work on cosplaying her, which led to this opportunity. So it just goes to show you that if you're passionate enough about something, a video game developer just might approach you and ask to you to be the official face of their product.