The new trailer for BioShock Infinite premiered at the Spike 2012 Video Game Awards.

The trailer shows a lot of new footage and an extended look at an encounter with a Handyman that was shown recently.

We get to witness the Meet Cute moment between protagonists Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth. The dynamic between the two is pretty interesting from the get-go and could probably be attributed to voice actors Troy Baker and Courtnee Draper. This is the first time that a BioShock game will have a player-controlled character with actual dialogue, so we've very much looking forward to the interactions between Booker and Elizabeth.

After we see the initial meeting between the two characters, we're off on a high-octane romp around Columbia as our pair of heroes jump around and fight off some bad guys. Watching the Handyman grab onto the Sky-Line rail and crush it effortlessly is pretty scary.

Check out the video from GameTrailers below to get a better look at the craziness we'll see when the game comes out in March 2013.