You can never get through an E3 without some moment that just make you go “WTF?” Sometimes is a game that you just don’t expect. Other times it’s a strange booth or a guy running through E3 naked. Plenty of times it’s something weird said at a press conference. This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo was no exception. So here are our 10 Biggest WTF? Moments of E3 2013.

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    The Roaming Parappa

    On the show floor, there was someone in a Parappa the Rapper mascot costume wandering around. He didn’t stay in the Sony booth. He just showed up basically wherever he wanted, including outside the show grounds. He had a habit of tapping you on the wrong shoulder to get you to look and frequently asking to get in on whatever game you were playing before fumbling with the controller and dropping it. Simply put, it was obnoxious. The bigger question is, why was he there? Sony wasn’t debuting a new Parappa title and Parappa is hardly Sony’s biggest mascot, and his behavior surely didn’t win Sony any points. Maybe it was just some dude with a Parappa costume that managed to sneak in. A total WTF? moment at E3.

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    Konami’s "Third Time's a Charm" Booth Policy

    We like Konami. We think they make good games and they have been very helpful in giving us all the E3 coverage we need. But their booth this year needed some work. They had a 3 hour long media only line for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, a closed room demo of Pro Evolution Soccer, and a million and one mobile titles. Even weirder, is that we had to be told about all of these titles three times before we could see any of them. Once at a desk, once during a “booth tour” which was basically just them pulling us to the front of the booth telling us what was on display, and then again at the desk, before we could finally be allowed into the Lords of Shadow line. Even weirder was that this wasn’t just happening to media. Some fans were getting the triple rundown too when all they wanted was a look at Robert Carlyle’s new vampire digs. Third time's the charm for Konami!

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    EA Wants Us to Feel Like We Got Punched in the Face

    EA has the UFC license now, which is great! At their press conference, they said that they really wanted to make the game feel like we were getting punched in the face, because they know that everyone in the audience really wants to feel what it’s like to take an MMA punch. They waited for laughs but everyone just sort of cringed in agony thinking, “No… no, we really don’t like getting punched in the face.”

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    Press Conference Technical Troubles

    Doesn’t anyone test their conference video anymore? The Xbox conference had audio cutting in and out. The Sony conference had gameplay footage freezing in the middle. People on stage were caught unaware, wondering if they needed to keep going or had to wait until the tech guys actually figured everything out. It was a gigantic mess, and that’s not a pun on Aisha Tyler’s height. People are barely remembering what Crimson Dragon is without an audio memory to go with its video premiere.

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    The Ouya Outdoor Booth

    Attendance at E3 has gotten to be quite expensive over these last few years. So Ouya decided to circumvent all the E3 fees and just rent parking outside the convention center for outdoor booths. Ouya even got into small scuffles with the ESA, as the police were called and trucks were parked in front of the booth, and then more booths were placed in front of those trucks. Honestly, it was kind of cool to see some booths outside, and it let the gamer attendance of E3 finally get some sun.

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    Nintendo Screams at Us to Play the Game, Then Doesn’t Let Us

    So Nintendo didn’t have a press conference this year. Why? They didn’t want anything to get between us and “playing the game.” Instead, they invited us into their booth early on Tuesday morning to let us get a taste of what Nintendo had to offer in the coming year. Unfortunately, they then spent the first 40 minutes of our preview time talking to us about how they wanted us to “play the games” instead of letting us actually play the games. Heck, Smash Bros. wasn’t even playable at all! Neither was Pokemon X and Y. Talk about a WTF? moment at E3!

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    Aisha Tyler at Ubisoft… Again

    Last year, Aisha Tyler moderated Ubisoft’s press conference, and we got awkward talks of man hands and girl boners. This year, for some unexplainable reason, she was back, and she was more awkward than ever. We saw more jokes falling flat, more references to her height, comments that were obviously meant to go viral, and more. At this point, we think Ubisoft is actually enjoying their awkward hosts. Why else would they invite them back year after year after year? Despite the jokes, Aisha is a hardcore gamer, and we love her to death.

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    Bounce Tek Beat Poetry

    What better way to introduce a new basketball game than by inviting a beat poet up on stage to do a poem about basketball? Unfortunately, when this happened at the EA press conference, most of us reacted with, “What the heck did I just watch?” Don’t get us wrong, it was a great poem, but we weren’t here to hear poetry. We were here to see new video games!

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    Drake Loves FIFA!

    This one was really bizarre. Drake, yes that Drake, came on stage briefly during the EA press conference. What was he there to do? Not pimp a new music game. Not to talk about a huge EA title that he will be appearing in. Nope! He was there to say he loved FIFA. That’s… really it. He didn’t say anything to the crowd other than, “I like FIFA,” and, “I think this new FIFA game will be awesome.” Thanks for the heads up, Drake!

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    Microsoft’s Killer Instinct Smack Talk

    The biggest WTF Moment at This Year's E3 is one that caused quite a bit of controversy. During the Killer Instinct presentation, there was a point in which one of the game’s producers faced off against a female adversary. The banter starts out innocent enough, but then things got a little weird. “Here we go. Just let it happen, it will be over soon,” he says to her.  “You have a fight stick!” she pleads. “Wow, you like those,” he responds. “No, I don’t like this!” she says back. Yeaaaaaah, it was a little creepy, and that's why it's #1 on our list of the 10 Biggest WTF? Moments at E3 2013.