Competition is at the heart of most video games which is why a list of the 10 Biggest Video Game Feuds is an easy one to compile. Sometimes it's friendly, like trying to beat the high score of the guy who came before you, or when you pit your two favorite fighting game characters against each other. Sometimes, however, it's a bitter affair; a feud that runs so deep it makes the Hatfields and the McCoys look like a minor kerfluffle. That's why we've done the research and scoured the Earth for the most long-lasting, anger-fueled rivalries. After much deliberation, we now present the 10 Biggest Video Game Feuds.

  • 10

    Cloud and Sephiroth

    Final Fantasy VII

    Spiky hair is better! No, long hair is better! What began as a minor feud over hair-stylings became one of gaming's most bitter feuds. Both Cloud and Sephiroth are highly trained swordsman, wielding impossibly large blades and looking impossibly cool doing it. The bad blood between them stems primarily from A) Sephiroth's attempted murder of Cloud. and B) Cloud's disillusionment over the moral downfall of his hero. Oh, let's not forget Sephiroth murdering Cloud's pink-clad ladylove Aeris (or, as she's known in the Japanese version, Jeff). Safe to say these two belong on our list of the 10 Biggest Video Game Feuds.

  • 9

    Marcus Fenix & The Locust Horde

    Gears of War series

    The Locusts want two things -- to live on the surface of Sera, and to kill every ground-walker they find. Muscle-bound Marcus Feenix doesn't much care for these goals, which is why it became his goal to spend a trilogy of games traversing the planet, killing loads of these scaly suckers. Unlike most of the feuds in this list, we have a clear victor, seeing as how Marcus manages to nuke 99% of the locusts back to the friggin' stone age.

  • 8

    Kratos & the Gods

    God of War series

    Pro tip: if you see Kratos, and he tells you to get out of his way, and that, "this does not concern you!" LEAVE! Any combination of those sentences is a death knell in the God of War games, so don't let the same fate befall you as it does most of Ancient Greece. Kratos is an angry, angry dude, and he's got a good reason for some of that anger: Ares tricked him into murdering his wife and child, then he and most of the other gods spend several games screwing him over in every way imaginable. The one thing they didn't count on, was that Spartan-born Kratos' anger is equal to his determination, which is why they keep killing him, and he keeps crawling back out of Hades.

  • 7

    Mega Man and Dr. Wily

    Mega Man series

    Dr. Wily is a brilliant (albeit deranged), inventor. A robot stealer. A mustache haver. This wily Wily keeps making and taking robot masters in bids to conquer ... something. It's assumed he wants to conquer Earth, but he generally limits his chaos to a single city. Every time the good doctor steps out of bounds, Mega Man steps in to see that he gets his crap in order. Since the fateful year of 200X these two have been duking it out, and they'll probably continue clashing until well past 20XX.

  • 6

    Ash vs. Gary

    Pokemon series

    Though they may not realize it, Ash and Gary's long-standing feud is a rivalry that runs deeper than these two Pokemon masters: it's the classic battle of poor and plucky versus rich and cocky, of the 99% versus the 1%, of red versus blue. No matter which starting Pokemon poor Ash picks, Gary counter-picks the one Ash's buddy is weak against, ensuring that, even before the first fight has started, that the odds are stacked in his favor. Gary travels the world, always seeming to be one step ahead of you, but when it comes down to it, Ash really is the very best, like no one ever was.

  • 5

    Scorpion & Sub-Zero

    Mortal Kombat series

    Vengeance is a major motivator for many of these feuds, though Scorpion's quest for vengeance against  Sub-Zero is a bit odd, since he's avenging his own death. Scorpion manages to kill Sub-Zero number one, and Sub's baby brother comes along hungry for some revenge of his own. Meanwhile, the first Sub-Zero becomes a ghost by the name of Noob Saibot, and goes after Scorpion for killing him because he killed Scorpion. It's an endless, confusing cycle of violence, one that not even a fatality will put an end to.

  • 4

    SNES & Genesis

    Console wars

    Forget the Jets and the Sharks, or the Capulets and the Montagues, SNES versus Genesis is the most hard-core console feud of all time. Lunchroom seating was based on whether you had a Super Nintendo or a Sega Genesis. And the playground? God help you if you wandered onto the wrong half of the b-ball court. Of course, there were those few kids who owned both consoles, and the two rival fanbases had a special name for them: rich kids. This 10 Biggest Video Game Feuds entry will be debated for decades.

  • 3

    Sonic & Doctor Robotnik

    Sonic series

    All Robotnik wants to do is to collect all of the Chaos Emeralds, turn everyone into machines, and twiddle his mustache all day, and yet that chili dog swilling hedgehog just won't leave him alone. Dr. Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman, Dr. Mustachio, and Dr. Dome, is a mega-massive-meany butt. Fortunately, time and time again a blue streak speeds by to stop him. Robotnik can build as many Death Eggs and Mean Bean Machines as he wants, but Sonic will always be there with a smirk to make sure his plans don't come to fruition.

  • 2

    Link, Zelda, & Ganon

    Legend of Zelda series

    These poor suckers -- while most of these feuds end when one side finally kicks the bucket, Link, Zelda, and Ganon are destined to do battle throughout all of time and space, continually reincarnated across multiple timelines to clash for the fate of Hyrule. Sometimes Gannon wins. Sometimes Link and Zelda do. Sometimes everything gets flooded and cel-shaded and Zelda becomes a cool pirate chick. No matter what happens, however, Gannon will keep trying to hog the Triforce, Link will keep collecting items, and Zelda will keep getting captured and/or cursed.

  • 1

    Mario & Bowser

    Mario series

    Of all the feuds on this list, this might be the most one-sided of all. Bowser resents Mario. Mister Mario is popular, surprisingly athletic, and consistently foils his dastardly plans. Mario, however, doesn't seem to have an issue with the Big B. He invites him to go go-karting, to play tennis, and even to a party or two. If Bowser would stop all of his princess-kidnapping nonsense he'd realize that Mario's probably the closest thing to a friend he's got. Too bad his hot-headed temper landed him #1 on our list of the 10 Biggest Video Game Feuds.