With every new kids movie comes a video game adaptation, and so, with the release of 'Big Hero 6', we get Big Hero 6 Bot Fight for iOS and Android devices.

Big Hero 6 Bot Fight is a free-to-play game built around collecting new bots and battling it out with puzzles which require you to match three gems of a similar type to perform an action. Though the base gameplay is exceedingly simple, the development team over at Singapore-based Gumi Asia tried to add extra challenge in the form of bonus objectives such as taking a limited number of moves per match, or dealing a specific amount of damage, to give skilled gamers something a bit more palatable.

Gumi Asia is perhaps best known for developing the runaway hit Brave Frontier, and has utilized many of the same game elements in developing Big Hero 6 Bot Fight. The studio has also promised that the game will receive continued support in the coming year in the form of content updates, and that the free-to-play mechanics wouldn't be too restrictive thanks to the purchasable currency also being earnable through in-game play mechanics.

'Big Hero 6' arrives in theaters Nov. 7, and Big Hero 6 Bot Fight hits the app stores today.