Super-Fans everywhere will rejoice when they see the BioShock fish tank that the crew over at Tim Baker Creations made for Super-Fan Builds.

If you're not aware of what Super-Fan Builds is, it's a part of Break TV where top prop-makers come together to create awesome creations for "Super-Fans" of a certain video game. This week's video game was BioShock and the lead designer, Tim Baker, sure did make a great recreation of The Rapture with his crew. The Super-Fan (Courtney) was super excited to see the aquarium that Tim Baker made for her after her friend had nominated her for the show. The aquarium featured some of BioShock's most pivotal characters -- Jack, Little Sister and Big Daddy along with a Photoshop-painted backdrop to set the mood.

This BioShock: The Rapture aquarium is only Super-Fan Builds' third video on the Break TV channel. However, if it continues the way it's been going with past projects such as a Groot swing set and Lord of the Rings litterbox/scratching post, things will only continue to look up.

You can catch the BioShock: The Rapture aquarium in the video above and see how much awesome, intricate detail the creators put into their piece for their Super-Fan Courtney.