Bethesda may have moved on from Skyrim, but what could the publisher have up its sleeve next?

While many (including this devoted fan), were hoping for a Fallout-related announcement, it would appear Bethesda is trying to keep things ambiguous. In a recent post to the company's official Vine, a brief teaser was revealed bringing up more questions, and some answers we weren't happy with (it's not Fallout).

Just what this new game (or updated old franchise), could be isn't really clear right away, but let's examine the context clues. There's barbed wire present. That could mean many things, like pain, or perhaps it's a game set during war time (a new Wolfenstein perhaps?). There's an indication Bach's "Air on the G-string" will play a part. The classical piece has been used in films like Se7en and Battle Royale, and has been used to set an eerie mood (maybe this game is Zwei). Finally, there's a glimpse at a record from the Moonbeam Trio. Another older piece of music (it originates from the early 1900s), there isn't much else available on this record. It's kind of a dead end out of context.

Just when Bethesda plans on revealing more is anyone's guess (probably E3), but consider our interests piqued. What do you think the clues add up to?