Sniper games in the arcade were very rare. Sure, the concept has been around since the arcade days of old with wooden gun games, but there's something about lining up a bad guy in your crosshairs, holding your breath and squeezing the trigger before taking him out. Or is it breathe as you squeeze? (This is why I'm a gamer and not a military man.) There isn't much out there in the App Store, but we found the 5 best sniper games you should scope out.

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    Sniper vs. Sniper: Online

    Com2uS Corp.

    Not a fan of the control scheme, but you get to play against people online from all around the world, or team up to take down other assassins. It's kind of nerve-wracking because you've gotta see them before they see you, then switch to your scope and hope you get the shot off in time. But when you do, it's a great feeling knowing you took some sucker out who's located on the other side of the world.

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    Call of Mini: Sniper

    Triniti Interactive Limited

    There's creatures everywhere, and the only way the humans have a chance is if you take these suckers out with your handy dandy sniper rifle and other assorted weapons. It's a headshot field day when you get good at scoping and are able to knock zombies out like ducks in a shooting gallery.

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    iSniper 3D Arctic Warfare

    Triniti Interactive Limited

    iSniper makes our 5 best sniper games list because you play a man with the worst possible name in video game history -- Glous Miller. Nevermind that he's an international super-sniper who goes on story mode missions and headshots fools into next week. Or that he lives in a world filled with awesome graphics and great sound effects. All you need to know is he is one bad dude. And if you do decide to make fun of his name, make sure you do it behind a wall. Better yet, underground, where he'll never be able to see you.

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    Contract Killer

    Glu Games Inc

    Assassin. Hitman. It doesn't matter what you call this contract killer. Play as a ruthless sharpshooter who goes on secret missions to take out the bad guys. Make sure you shoot first and ask questions later or they'll fire back once they spot your location. Doesn't matter, you've got the skills and the weapons to take them out in 17 different story missions. Just make sure to have some towels handy to wipe all the blood off of your iPhone after playing this awesome sniper game.

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    Clear Vision (17+)

    FDG Mobile Games

    Clear Vision (17+) tops our 5 best sniper games list because it is soooo much fun to play. The cut scenes are great, and the game is filled with a lot of blood and humor. Accept different missions and adjust for distance and wind as you headshot fun cartoon guys in hilarious settings. (Don't forget to check the paper after each kill to read some pretty funny headlines.) Take out everyone from a pizza delivery boy to scummy politicians. And if you're squeamish, there's a 12+ cleaner version available as well. But what fun is that?