The Sega Saturn might have done a lot of things wrong in comparison to its contemporaries, but that doesn't mean we don't have a bunched of favored memories attached to it and its library, which is why we're doing a list of the 10 Best Sega Saturn Intros. While the Saturn preceded the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation, it was expensive (much more expensive than the PS1 or N64), and did not have a definitive Sonic the Hedgehog title to help promote it. As Sega was trying to bury the blunders of their 32X add-on for the Genesis (it was considered dead within a year of its release by most of the market), the Saturn was rushed out early to circumvent Sony and Nintendo's sales. Factor in that Sega was rather illusive in terms of helping third party developers and having two CPU processors in a system was a relatively new concept, and the Saturn was handicapped from the beginning. Within two years of Saturn's release, Sega tried to revamp itself with the Dreamcast system (which again was rushed), but the damage was already done. Nevertheless, we have some great memories attached to some Saturn classics. Be ready for some anime cutscenes and generic music, because we're presenting the 10 Best Sega Saturn Intros.

  • 10

    Dragon Force


    Kicking off our list of the 10 Best Sega Saturn Intros, Dragon Force's opener had a narrator that left us inspired to embark on an adventure to save Legendra in this real-time strategy.

  • 9

    Dead or Alive


    The intro movie to Dead or Alive introduced us to the girls that would leave us drooling for years.

  • 8

    Nights Into Dreams


    Nights' intro promoted a sense of exploration through ones dreams in the form of its title character's magical and fun-loving nature.

  • 7

    Fighters Megamix


    Combine the casts of Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighting Vipers into one title and your'e going to get an intro that is just plain badass.

  • 6

    Resident Evil


    The opening movie of the original Resident Evil was the perfect blend of horrific and cheesy goodness. Who knew that it would go so far 17 years later?

  • 5

    Guardian Heroes


    Weighing in at the middle of our list of 10 Best Sega Saturn Intros, Guardian Heroes' title sequence was so cheesy that it was good, and reminds us why we loved this title for the Sega Saturn.

  • 4

    Mega Man 8


    Mega Man 8 might have been a clunker compared to the rest of the series (and was much better for the PlayStation), but its intro was filled with nostalgia and revisited some of our fondest memories in the Blue Bomber's past.

  • 3

    Shining Force 3


    No cliche anime sequences here! Instead, Shining Force 3 showed off the capabilities of the Sega Saturn.

  • 2

    Saturn Bomberman

    Hudson Soft

    Bomberman in anime form is pure hilarity, and one of the most adorable intros ever.

  • 1

    Panzer Dragoon Saga


    The fantastic memories we've had with Panzer Dragoon Saga reminds us why it's one of Sega's best franchises, but its intro keeps this dragon-rider flying high atop our list of the 10 Best Sega Saturn Intros.