Nostalgia can either be a good or bad thing. When it comes to gaming, it's always a good thing, which is why we have this list of the 10 Best Retro iPhone Game Cases. Were the games made in the '80s better than the ones coming out today? That's a topic that can be debated for hours by gamers all over the world. Back in the day we didn't have full-motion video and the most amazing graphics to look at. But what we did have were some pretty awesome games that are still being played. Whether you're a fan of old-school arcade machines or if you're an NES junkie who collects every game made for the system, these 10 Best Retro iPhone Game Cases will always remind you of a gaming era that focused more on finesse than flash. (You can find most of these cases on Ebay if we don't have a link for it.)

  • 10

    Retro NES Game Controller iPhone Case

    We remember when we first got the NES we didn't go outside for weeks. Playing with Mario at home was too much fun, even though we could never get that stupid robot accessory to work right. We're still a crack shot at Duck Hunt though! If you're really into NES controllers and you buy this case, you can always set it down on this sweet NES coffee table.

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    Zelda Triforce iPhone Case

    If Link had an iPhone he probably could have used Google Maps to get around the annoying strange world of Hyrule. And if you do get lost in a world filled with heart containers and fairies, then this book should help you out. Or at least tell you where it all came from.

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    Atari Lynx System iPhone Case

    The world's first color handheld LCD system was the Atari Lynx, a giant, ugly, clunky unit with some pretty good games but not much else going for it. With Nintendo dominating the market and Sega bringing out the Game Gear, the Lynx dropped to 3rd place before dying a slow and painful death. Homebrew fans still make games for it though!

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    Game & Watch iPhone Case

    The Game & Watch series was a hugely popular keychain-sized series of games you could collect and carry around. In its 11-year lifespan, over 50 games were made for it and they're still collected by retro nuts. Why not show your love for the Game & Watch by carrying around this cool looking retro iPhone case?

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    SNES Controller iPhone Case

    The SNES and Sega Genesis were huge rivals back in the day, but the sharper graphics (and Mario) helped keep the SNES in the #1 spot. SNES junkies can even play their favorite games on the go with emulators. But there's nothing better than plugging in an actual system and inviting some friends over for a Mario Kart session.

  • 5

    Pac-Man Arcade iPhone Case

    One of the highest-grossing video games of all time, Pac-Man took the video game world by storm. We still love Pac-Man to this day, so of course this case is going in our 10 Best Retro iPhone Game Cases list.

  • 4

    Famicom Controller iPhone Case

    The original Japanese Super Nintendo system was the Super Famicom. It looked quite a bit different than the American version, but still played the same awesome games, including an almost perfect port of Street Fighter II, which was the hottest game in arcades at that time. Show your love for the original old school by sporting this Asian classic on your iPhone.

  • 3

    PureGear Retro Game Case

    These aren't from a system or game, but so what? They're games you can play when your battery dies! These cool PureGear cases let you find your way through the maze of your choice. It's probably a lot more fun (and easier), than finding your way through that mess they call the App Store.

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    The Legend of Zelda iPhone Case

    Behold the mighty Link of his majestic steed! You'll get points for having the most colorful, and geekiest, retro iPhone case with this beautiful image of Link getting ready to whip that Ganon ass.

  • 1

    Nintendo Game Boy iPhone Case

    The Nintendo Game Boy iPhone Case tops our 10 Best Retro iPhone Cases list because it's the one system that everyone wanted and everyone had. Paired with Tetris, it was the greatest time-on-the-toilet device for every human being. Now the iPhone has replaced the Game Boy as the ultimate #2 time-killer, which is why we never borrow anyone's phone without disinfecting it first. Gamers who loved the old black and white system can show off their love for it by sporting this awesome case.