Ever since Chris Moneymaker went from zero to hero at the World Series of Poker in 2003, the game quickly exploded and become one of the most popular sports in the world. Thousands upon thousands of people play the game every minute of every day all over the planet. Poker junkies are always playing, whether it's at the casino or on their iPhone. If you're one of those junkies, here are the 10 best poker games you should be playing right now. Think we're bluffing? Let's find out.

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    Texas Holdem Poker

    Ferdinand Godspeed

    Texas Holdem Poker is a nice little poker app with some good features like Sit-n-Go tournaments and a live chat feature. It's not going to blow you away, but the interface is nice and clean and there seem to be plenty of players online.

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    Shark Party LLC

    I guess if you can't name your poker app, then Poker will just have to do. The name is about as bland as the product, but you can play up to 50 hands a minute with its speed poker feature that was introduced online (Full Tilt Poker I believe was the first) before the poker sites were shut down to U.S. players. Best part is you don't need to register or connect to your Facebook account. Just pick up and play. It's a decent pick in our 10 best poker games list.

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    Norberto Bizzarri

    Pinup girls! Woohoo! Who cares if the game is dry and boring? You've got lovely pinup girls to stare at! Each new hand features a new pinup girl that would look great on the side of a World War II airplane or tattooed on your shoulder. If you dig the retro pinup look, give this 5-card draw game a try.

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    Sword & Poker 2


    The sequel to the popular Sword & Poker features new dungeons, weapons and magic. All played out with poker hands! Try to make the best poker hands possible to damage your opponent and destroy him before he destroys you. It's a fun little RPG with some poker mixed in. They should mix poker into every genre, don't you think? Where's my poker zombie game?

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    Poker Pals


    Grab a buddy and duke it out with this puzzle twist on poker. Make the best poker hands possible on the board and try to outscore your opponent. You can even use the Jokers as wild cards. Play your friend, play a stranger or play the computer. It's a great pick-up-and play poker game.

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    Poker Superstars III

    Gameblend Studios, LLC

    Take out the world's best poker pros as you climb the ladder to become the next great poker superstar in this 10 best poker games app. Compete in tournaments against players like Antonio Esfandiari and Barry Greenstein. Sure, they're only 6-player tables and you can easily get them to go all-in with weaker hands, but how else are you going to brag to your friends that you busted Jennifer Tilly? (Bonus points if you get the pun.)

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    Poker With Bob

    Scary Robot Productions

    Play poker against Bob, the lovable doofus who tries to outplay you in every hand. Is it hard? Not really. Is it fun and comical? Yes it is. Bob will throw a fit if he loses and taunt you when he wins. Can you break Bob's bankroll in this 10 best poker games entry?

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    Texas Poker

    Kamagames LTD

    Texas Poker is perhaps the busiest looking poker app in the App Store. But it also has a ton of things going for it like a speedy and simplistic interface, lots of players online and some great social media features. The only bad thing is you have to look at Carmen Electra's airbrushed old face. I'm sorry, but Carmen Electra in a poker app is pretty stupid. Maybe if they stuck a stripper pole on the table it would make sense. Hey, can you guys add that feature with some video?

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    World Series of Poker

    Electronic Arts

    It doesn't get anymore official than the World Series of Poker app. Compete for WSOP rings and bracelets, work your way up to Pro status, connect with Facebook friends and more. It's got a slick interface and there are thousands upon thousands of people playing it, so you'll always find a game. You can even purchase VIP status with private tables and more.

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    Poker by Zynga

    Zynga Inc

    Poker by Zygna is at the top of our best poker games list because of its clean interface, social media options, and tons of poker action available 24/7. The play is fast whether you're over 3G or Wi-Fi. Receive new chips daily and relax at the tables with your friends. Whether you prefer this one or WSOP as your favorite, you can't lose. Just don't fold to a bluff!