We may have asserted that Mario is the face of gaming in our list of the 10 Best Mario Games Ever, but that doesn't mean that his brother shouldn't be there with him. In fact, Luigi has been there for pretty much the entirety of Mario's rise to success. In the 10 Best Luigi Appearances Ever, we not only recognize the high points of Luigi's adventures, we try to reflect on the moments where Mario wasn't in the spotlight, and Luigi took his well-deserved turn. While there aren't enough sole-Weegee adventures to warrant a 10 Best Luigi Games Ever list, we are sure that one day there will be. But for now, let's chase some ghosts and run in midair as we jump through the 10 Best Luigi Appearances Ever.

  • 10

    Super Mario Bros. 2


    Even though it was a rehash of Doki Doki Panic, Super Mario. Bros 2 kicks off our list of the 10 Best Luigi Appearances Ever because it was the first time gamers were shown that Luigi was actually different than his brother.

  • 9

    Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga

    Game Boy Advance

    The first title of the Mario & Luigi RPG series has Luigi's distinguished personality and hilarity at the forefront.

  • 8

    Super Mario 64 DS

    Nintendo DS

    Playing as Luigi in the original Mario 64 was one of our 10 Biggest Myths of Gaming, but his appearance in Super Mario 64 DS established his well-deserved jump to the 3D realm.

  • 7

    Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

    Nintendo 3DS

    We have already established that Luigi's second haunted adventure was near the top of the Best 3DS Games of 2013, but it also cemented Luigi's top tier status.

  • 6

    Mario is Missing!


    Sure, it was an educational game, but it was also Luigi's first standalone title, which is an important part of the character's history, and that is why it makes our list of 10 Best Luigi Appearances Ever.

  • 5

    Super Paper Mario


    Luigi gets brainwashed and becomes a villain named "Mr. L" that attacks Mario? That should be the premise for an entire game of its own.

  • 4

    New Super Luigi U

    Wii U

    This DLC to New Super Mario Bros. U helped acknowledge that there is a large fanbase calling for more Luigi-based titles.

  • 3

    Super Smash Bros. Series

    N64, Gamecube, Wii

    Despite his brother being the frontman of the series next to Link, Samus and the others, Luigi is actually stronger than Mario in the Smash Bros. games.

  • 2

    Luigi's Mansion


    Take Mario is Missing!, put it in a haunted house, get rid of the history lesson, throw in some ghostbusting, and you have one of greatest titles ever out of the entire Mario Brothers library.

  • 1

    Super Mario Galaxy


    After gathering all 120 stars and defeating Bowser, unlocking Luigi was a visible treat and a proper reward. Requiring such thorough completion of Super Mario Galaxy is proof that Luigi has earned his spot amidst the stars and atop our list of 10 Best Luigi Appearances Ever.


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