Within the pantheon of Zelda games, Wind Waker stands alone. It is easily one of the greatest in the franchise. The style, the charm, and the sailing on the high seas rendered in beautiful technicolor cell shading was refreshing for the series but didn't lose the soul and heart of a truly great adventure. Now with the release of Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD for the Wii U, we thought you might enjoy some of the 10 Best Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker Cheats and Tricks just in case you find yourself in a tough spot on the high seas and would like to make things a bit easier for yourself.

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    Free Ride

    If you are supremely lazy and are looking for the easy way to get around a particular area, look out for a Beetle Ship. Jump onboard and step into the shop. If you step back outside but do not move, the ship will continue on its circuit and give you a free ride around the land.

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    Easy Money

    Every hero has a need for rupees. Sadly, money even runs our lives in the video game universe. Head over to the Earth Temple island. Hop off and start doing spinning attacks on the beach. Rupees will simply appear right out of the sand as if your centrifugal force is drawing towards you. No metal detector required.

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    Waking the Pigs

    Remember those innocent little chickens Link would always mess with until he regretted it? Well, in Wind Waker, you can do the same with pigs. Find a pig, any pig, and annoy them with your sword. They will eventually turn red and come running after you. Just be aware that the large pigs on Outset Island will pound you to pieces if you're not careful.

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    Sorry Signs

    One of the little pleasures of any Zelda game is the ability to slice and dice some of the road signs littered around Hyrule. In Wind Waker however, you can right your vandalism with a simple song. After splitting a sign into little pieces, you can play the Wind God's Aria and the sign will magically heal itself. You should get some rupees for doing your civic duty, but the Hyrule coffers are a bit empty and you're only working on a volunteer basis.

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    Ocarina of Time

    Next time you're in the room where you get the Master Sword, you should have a closer look around. If you take a gander up at some of the stained glass windows, you'll be looking at the sages in the Temple of Time and Ganon's final form from Ocarina of Time.

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    New Tunes

    If you name your character Zelda from the outset of the game, you'll notice that some of the music actually has changed. It is a nice way to mix things up a bit if you've already played through and are looking for a fresh experience. Plus, who wouldn't want to listen to some more of the game's amazing soundtrack?

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    Easy Joy

    If you're looking to grab all those Joy Pendants littered about the seascape, this is a useful trick to help you beat the system. Find a lookout tower that has two Bobokins. Use the hookshot to steal their pendants then slice them up up with your sword. Play the Song of Passing which will advance time and two more baddies will be replaced on the watchtower. Rinse off your hookshot and blade and repeat until you have as many Joy Pendants as you like.

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    Soup Makes You Strong

    If you need a bit of a boost to your sword swing, grandma's soup will always help. After you get some bombs, return to where you first met Tetra. Bomb the rock and snag a fairy in a bottle from the Great Fairy's fountain. Pop open the bottle around Grandma and she will give you some special soup that boosts your health, magic, and attack.

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    Light Arrows

    Light Arrows are a powerful weapon. But, to make the most out of them when there is no boss around, try and line up your enemies. A light arrow will kill any non-boss enemy with one hit, and it will pass through them moving on to kill any other baddies behind. So be careful when aiming and you might be able to take down everyone in the room with a single shot.

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    Ballad of Gales

    This handy little trick will help you navigate the flooded landscape with a bit more ease. Once you save your sister from the Forbidden Fortress, check your map and head to either C4 or F3. There, you'll find a cyclone with a froggy looking monster. As you should, shoot him with arrows until he teaches you the Ballad of Gales that lets you warp around the world.