It takes more than a slippery level and some snow to make a good ice stage — you need a memorable boss at the end of it. If there's anything we've learned from video game history, it would be that most levels with a theme to it tend to have a boss at the end of the stage that upholds the same theme, but don't expect this list to be comprised of nothing but bosses from our Best Ice Levels compilation. We had to withstand arctic chills and subzero temperatures, and we've finally found 10 of the most chill bosses we could find.

When it comes to the 10 Best Ice Bosses, we had some requirements in regards to who we could use. The character has to implement ice somehow during its fight or be located in a frozen setting that is surrounded by snow and ice. We would have liked to include Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat, but he's primarily a playable character, not a boss (we could've included the secret boss version of Reptile from MK1 since he used ice attacks as well, but we decided to skip him). Make sure you have a source of fire available, because we're fighting off some cold-blooded baddies with this list of the 10 Best Ice Bosses.