We've seen plenty of video games come and go over the years that make lots of Christmas-y references to Santa Claus, reindeer, giving presents and what have you, but we wanted to include some of our favorite moments where a game was changed to feature some more festive activities. Most of these games don't particularly have anything Christmas-themed at their core, but their developers went back and added some special holiday events for the fans to enjoy. For games that don't particularly have an ending, like online FPS titles and MMORPGs, having a holiday event is a nice way to change things up and occasionally make the game special for those who continuously play throughout the year.

For the most part, these in-game holiday events include some kind of wintry makeover and an array of goodies your character(s) could use that help spread some Christmas joy throughout whatever you're playing. A few of these additions are as simple as putting a Santa hat on your character or replacing a sword with a giant candy cane, but there are lots of special happenings going on in the video game industry during this time of the year. Some of these holiday events let you keep the items and gear you get, and some are on available/usable for a limited time. Nevertheless, it's great to have some of your favorite video games change in order to become more festive.