Our first introduction to Arkham games grabbed us by the throat and opened our eyes to just how great a superhero game can be. Arkham Asylum set precedent for all action games to come. It had some of the best combat we'd ever seen and deftly integrated all of Batman's most heinous villains into an intriguing story. If you're a bit late to the series, we've collected some of the best cheats, tips, and tricks to help you get acquainted with Arkham island. This is our list of the 10 Best Arkham Asylum Cheats.

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    Armored Batsuit

    Batman is made by his gadgets, suit, and pure determination. But, occasionally his outfit isn't up to snuff and he could use a bit more protection from the hoards of gangsters. If you finish up Arkham Asylum you unlock Batman's armored suit to help you go after that 100% completion and snag all of those achievements without having to worry about thugs. (You can concentrate on finding all those riddle trophies!)

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    Titan Ride

    Not happy with your combo scores? Well, you can always beat one of the titan thugs to a pulp and leap on his back. Then, you can control him for a short while and pound any unsuspecting guards into the ground. Also, it adds to your combo total and softens up that group of baddies quite considerably.

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    Poison Ivy's plants are stubborn little weeds. They grow and grow and have a bad habit of shooting things at you. So, to teach them lesson, you can tear their hearts out. All you have to do is find a point right above them then swing upside down. You'll then be able to drop down and tear out their insides, leaving you to wander the garden unmolested.

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    Ras Al Ghul's Resurrection

    Poor old Ras Al Ghul has a bad habit of turning up dead. Luckily he never stays that way for too long. If you have a peek into Dr. Young's office, you'll see a body bag with Al Ghul's name on it. If you revisit that same office later in the game, the bag is unzipped and the body gone. Now we wonder where that immortal scamp could have gotten off to. You'll have to play Arkham City to find out.

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    This little tie bit is for all of those Batman comics fans. If you remember the Knightfall storyline, Bats gets his back broken by big old Bane. Well, while playing Arkham Asylum, if you lose to Bane, you're treated to digital homage to that same scene in Knightfall.

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    Night Glider

    The highest portion of Arkham Asylum is at the Bell Tower on Arkham Mansion on the East end of the island. If you scale your way to the top and glide your way down, you'll be rewarded with the Night Glider achievement. It's an easy way to up your gamer score if you're into that sort of thing.

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    ArkhamCare Website

    In the Intensive Care section, a recorded voice fills you in on how to find out more on the care provided at Arkham Asylum by telling your to visit http://www.arkhamcare.com/prices/. At one point, this was actually a real website that the developers created. Batman usually breaks down walls, but the 4th one is something brand new for the Caped Crusader. Sadly though, the site has expired.

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    Here's another easy achievement for you to pump up your completion percentage. When you get the remote controlled Batarang, you can fire one off and guide it back around to Batman's hand for the Catch achievement.

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    Solitary Confinement

    This is one of the most simple achievements in the game, but it will net you more points than you expect. The only thing you have to do is progress through the story and you're rewarded with this when you finish your final fight with Harley Quinn. A simple trick to remember so you can survive the fight is that when the floor starts to flicker, you need to move to another section so you don't get yourself electrocuted.

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    Alternate Weapon View

    The Batarang isn't just for quick snipes at enemies in the middle of a fight, you can also get an alternate view when using that weapon or the Batclaw. All you have to do is press LT or L2 to aim and RB or R1 to fire and you'll have a more accurate view of where you're aiming.