Bayonetta has never looked (or sounded) better than she does in this dubbed trailer for Funimation's animated film, 'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate.'

This new trailer for the English dubbed version of 'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate,' proves that the Umbra Witch's ongoing voice actress, Helena Taylor, is returning to portray Bayonetta once again. Bloody Fate is done by the same studio that brought Samuel L. Jackson's 'Afro Samurai' series to life, proving that this will be a quality anime film. Wielding her four Scarborough Fair pistols, Bayonetta is ready to shoot her way through heaven and hell in order to find out the truth about her mysterious past. Make sure you keep an eye out for Rodin and Jeanne throughout the animated feature as well.

'Bayonetta: Bloody Fate' arrives on Blu-ray and DVD on Oct. 21. You can pre-order it now at Funimation's official website.

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