While it might not be as bewitching as actually seeing Bayonetta in action, a new behind-the-scenes trailer has been posted, showing how Platinum Games is bringing the witch to her new home on the Wii U.

We're treated to a look at the wizards at Platinum Games as they work on things like making in-game leather look real, crafting the environments, and expanding the Bayonetta experience. They want to use the Wii U hardware to its full potential and are upping the scale of the action, so expect to be dazzled by the bedazzled heroine's new adventures.

The new creatures look strange(r), but definitely add to the unique look that was established in the first game. The environments are large and varied, which should make for some pretty cool playgrounds and set pieces.

There's no release date for this beauty yet, but we'll update you once we learn of one. In the meantime, check out the video below and let us know if you've fallen for Bayonetta's spell once more.