Need a new reason to have your friends resent you? EA Mobile is releasing Battleship Airstrike this fall, hoping to amp up the action in the classic board game. Time to see if you've got the grit to rock this grid.

If you're like us, you probably had that one friend when you were younger who always cheated at Battleship. You'd say B-4 and after a brief pause and some sleight of hand, he'd say you missed. Well, soon you can get your sweet, succulent revenge with Battleship Airstrike. Not only will the game's servers keep him honest, but you'll have the ability to punish him with multiple shots during your turn.

You can even spend some cash to buy special shots if you really want to hammer on the hurt with one-hit kills or deploy some ship-detecting sonar. To further add insult to injury, you'll have the chance to repair your ship during your turn, so your friend can fall even deeper into despair. There's no release date for this game yet, but it's due to drop this fall. In the meantime, prepare a list of phrases with which you can gloat and get ready to sink spirits along with all of those battleships.

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