One of the former developers that worked on the Battlefield series wants to release his very own FPS game for iOS. Ben Cousins, currently the head of Scattered Entertainment, has announced a new gamed called The Drowning.

Cousins is out to prove that FPS games can be the real deal in the mobile sphere and that you don't have to sacrifice quality in order to make a game work on tablet devices. But there's yet to be a FPS title that has really taken off on mobile.

The Drowning is set in a post-apocalyptic world, with a story that revolves around strange oil spills that are turning people into, well ... whatever it is that's pictured above. Fast-zombies perhaps? Or some kind of mutant? Whatever those things are, they are probably in need of a good shooting.

That whole shooting part is where The Drowning really wants to shine. Cousins and his team have been hard at work trying to deliver a new control system that will re-invent the standard way FPS games are controlled on tablets.

Instead of the standard (and frankly kind of awkward), virtual d-pad to control movement, players will simply tap where they want to walk and tap where they want to fire. Cousins and Co. are hoping that this gamble will pay off and that console gamers will be lured into giving this FPS title a try.

There's no timetable yet on the release of this game, but if you're interested in checking out more, we have the trailer for you below.