Bethesda is getting ready to open the floodgates for the free-to-play, third-person game player, BattleCry.

This animated shooter showcases a lot of change from when we last saw it. BattleCry offers an alternative multiplayer experience that focuses on team-oriented gameplay and tactical warfare. Bethesda's team at BattleCry Studios is working on a beta that you can sign up for now, which includes 15 warriors, three factions and five classes. You'll get to partake in 12- or 24-person battles where you'll need to focus on strategy, timing and skills in order to help your team win.

BattleCry takes place in an alternate 20th century timeline where the world's superpowers settle disputes by having their strongest warriors compete against one another. Each character has his or her own features that focus on futuristic guns and gadgets or fancy melee weapons. You'll be competing for either the Han Republic, Cossack Empire or Imperial Marines. By continuing to play the game, you can customize your warrior class by collecting iron and increasing your rank. With each new rank, you get new skills and effects. We should note that BattleCry's distinct, cel-shaded visuals were done by Half-Life 2 and Dishonored's Victor Antonov.

While no official launch date has been set for a final release, the studio is taking signups for BattleCry's beta. Signing up before June 18 will get you priority access as well as an in-game reward.

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