Rovio has been busy. With all of the Angry Birds news that's been going on lately, you'd think that Rovio wouldn't have time to do much of anything else. That's just what the Bad Piggies want you to think ... then BAM, all your eggs are gone!

The new Bad Piggies update, called Flight in the Night, has more of the same physics/contraption building fun from the first entry in this new series, as you must help the sinister little porkers flee from flocks of ticked off birdies.

The update features 15 new levels that are all set, as you would imagine based on the title, under the moonlight. Flight in the Night also includes a compatibility tweak for the iPhone 5, as well as a free sandbox level.

As of right now, only the iPhone version has been updated. But since Rovio is clearly not one to rest on their laurels, there will likely be an iPad update coming down the road.