For those who made a solitary Valentine's Day vow of never being single in February ever again, TrulySocial has released a dating game to sharpen our skills.

The debut game of TrulySocial has appeared on our radar due to its unique approach in putting players out there in the digital dating world. Nothing says Men Are From Mars, and Women Are From Venus like playing as an alien assuming human form and learning about love. As this alien, you have to learn the basic levels of human pair-bonding in order to get your extraterrestrial freak on. Luckily, Flirt Planet allows you to practice swingin' before you actually step up to the plate.

Flirt Planet actually consists of two apps: Flirt Planet Meet and Flirt Planet Play. In Flirt Planet Meet, you must enter a 'Flirtual Reality' so you can try to meet your real-life dream date by interacting with other people by using the skills you learned from Flirt Planet Meet's companion app (get it?), Flirt Planet Play.

In Flirt Planet Play, you can create your own character that will interact in a digital world where aliens are closely keeping track of your dating methods. By progressing through Flirt Planet Play, you can unlock various outfit pieces and cosmetic items. Planet Play features conversations that can end in all sorts of wild predicaments due to the 90,000 lines of dialogue that TrulySocial has incorporated in this unique dating game.

Flirt Planet Play helps set the mood and get rid of those cold feet, in order to get you ready for Flirt Planet Meet. You can possibly meet an actual partner while playing Flirt Planet Meet. Hopefully, those skills you picked up in Play have rubbed off onto you as you start checking out the potential relationships Flirt Planet Meet has to offer.

Flirt Planet Play is free-to-play and available now for the iPad and iPad mini at the iTunes store. Flirt Planet Meet is also free and currently available as well. We highly suggest playing Flirt Planet Play first if you would like to be raise your chances in finding real love with Flirt Planet.