Guess who loves arcades? C'mon, wild guess. Give up? We do! We here at Arcade Sushi will drop everything we're doing, whether it's picking up the kids, going to court or escaping from the police, if we happen to pass by an arcade. We thought it would be fun to highlight some of the awesome arcades that are still standing all around the world with the Arcade Spotlight. This entry focuses on Insert Coin(s) in Las Vegas, Nevada. A city that puts the 'sin' in Sinistar.

Barcades aren't new in the world of arcades, in fact, the alcohol/video game combo might be the only way to keep one up and running. Insert Coin(s) opened its doors in April, 2011 and has been a hit ever since.

Insert Coins - First Friday 10/05/2012 from Adlava TV on Vimeo.

Insert Coin(s) features over 50 arcade classics. Everything from Asteroids to Rampage is available to play. Not only do they have the greatest classic arcade games, but they also have the latest games for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 on 14 different large screen HDTVs.

But why just play at the designated areas? When you head to the Beta Bar, not only can you grab a beer, but you can challenge that cute chick who is totally ignoring you to a game of Mortal Kombat. She wins, you buy her drink. You win, she gives you her go-to fake phone number and you tell your buds you scored. Win-win for everyone!

Insert Coin(s) also has the hottest DJ's that will play the latest cuts, or hits, or whatever it is you kids call that Dubstep crap they play nowadays.

Insert Coin(s) is located at:

512 Fremont St,
Las Vegas NV 89101

You can keep up with all of their events by following their Twitter and Facebook pages. So whenever you're in Vegas and you're tired of blowing your money at the craps tables, hit up Insert Coin(s), play some games, drink some beers and party with hot chicks. It's like an arcade utopia! Oh, and tell 'em Arcade Sushi sent ya.

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