While some of you threw hamburgers on the grill, or sat on an inner tube for eight hours getting sunburned for Labor Day, a few people spent their holiday weekend doing what every American should be doing with their day off -- spending it in an arcade! And this Arcade Spotlight focuses on a cool gaming place in Columbia, MO.

Gunther's Games has quite the history. It originally opened in 1980 during the arcade boom. A time when arcade owners could swim in quarters like Scrooge McDuck. Of course, we all know what happened to the arcade as the years went by, and Gunther's had to close its doors in 2007. Still, that's a pretty long run for an arcade business. Fast forward a few years and with the recent trend in arcades coming back onto the scene, Gunther's Games reopened in 2013.

And what does Gunther's Games have to offer? Plenty. Not only do they feature great arcade games, both classics and newer machines, but they also have some great pins like AC/DC, Tales From the Crypt, Metallica and Twilight Zone. According to their website, they have over 80 arcade, pinball and redemption games. Not too shabby! Best part? Most games still cost a quarter to play, with nothing over 75 cents. Not sure if they use tokens or not. Hopefully not. (Never understood the reasoning behind tokens, even as a kid.)

But wait, there's more! If you want a break from playing games, they also have miniature golf, bowling and laser tag. Their website states, "Gunther’s is the only laser tag company in the United States to use Lasermaxx professional laser tag equipment. This is Europe’s best equipment, which makes it the world’s best equipment." So if it comes from Europe, it must be the best in the world? Ok, we'll roll with it.

Check out some pictures of the arcade below.

Gunther's Games is located at:

923 E. Broadway
Columbia, MO. 65201
(573) 228-6287

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