It's been over a month since our last Arcade Spotlight (hey, arcades are getting hard to find), but this latest gaming nugget we ran across is a good one. Ever heard of Gobles? We haven't either. But they have a sweet arcade!

Klassic Arcade, located in Gobles, Michigan, is a pretty sweet looking old school arcade. Located in the middle of nowhere, it's one of those places you'd go visit when you're tired of tipping cows or tractor racing or whatever it is they do in Michigan. (We're kidding, please don't hate us.)

Klassic Arcade is the perfect name for the place because they've got games like Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Double Dragon, Tron and more. 33 classic arcade games according to their website. They've even got 15 pinball machines. Great ones like Terminator 2, The Addam's Family and Tales From the Crypt. They also have redemption games and some old arcade machines like Trophy Bowler from 1958. And let's not forget the pool and air hockey table.

Best part about all of this? It's only $5.00 to play all day. $5.00!! You would never find a bargain like that in Los Angeles. Hell, it would cost you five bucks just to park your car to walk to an arcade around here. And if you get thirsty racking up high scores, they sell over 100 different bottled sodas, including Virgil's Root Beer, which is the best root beer on the planet.

Take a gander at this sweet arcade. They even host trade show events and more. I think it's time to load up the family truckster and drive to Gobles for a weekend. Who's with me?

Klassic Arcade is located at:

22711 M-40 Highway
Gobles, MI. 49055
(269) 628-4628

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