It's been over a month since our last Arcade Spotlight and for that, I apologize. I've been hunting for arcades online and the ones I find have no website, no pictures, no nothing. They exist, but it's tough showing them off. Luckily, I had no issues when it came to finding info on Robot City Games in New York.

Robot City Games is a family owned video game store with an impressive collection of arcade classics and pins. They boast that they're the biggest arcade in the state of NY, and it might be hard to argue with them. They've got over 70 games, including classics like Frogger, Galaga, Donkey Kong, Mappy, Punch Out and more.

They're also sporting an impressive collection of pinball machines, with Super Mario Bros., WWF Royal Rumble, Batman Forever, Maverick and Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle. Hey, I know it's only a few machines (I called to verify how many they have and they only have five), but some pins is a lot better than no pins. Unfortunately, they take tokens instead of quarters, which I will never, ever, ever understand. Tokens were cool back in the '80s when it was fun to collect them. Now they're just a giant pain in the ass.

They also buy, sell and trade home console games. So if you're looking for Gex on the 3D0 (we know you're not), they probably have it. It's an impressive place and I can't wait to check them out the next time I'm in NY. Take a look at some pictures below and be sure to tell them Arcade Sushi sent ya the next time you roll in looking to dump off sell your Atari Jaguar.

Robot City Games is located at:

174 Clinton St.
Binghamton, NY. 13905
(607) 217-7400

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Like their Facebook page. If you’ve visited Robot City Games, let us know how it is in the comments below!

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