When one thinks of the grandaddy of all arcades, there's only one that comes to mind -- Funspot. Funspot is the largest arcade in the world. That's right, the world. And it's about time we covered the place where gamers die and go to joystick heaven in this week's Arcade Spotlight!

Funspot opened in 1952 by Mr. Bob Lawton. It's considered the largest arcade in the world and has been featured on numerous shows and magazines. If it sounds familiar, that's because it was also the place where Steve Wiebe recorded the first ever live screen in the 2007 documentary The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

Funspot houses a 20 lane bowling alley, cash bingo, redemption games, indoor and outdoor mini-golf, a big restaurant, attractions and more. Oh, almost forgot. It's also the location of the American Classic Arcade Museum, which houses hundreds and hundreds (we're not kidding), of classic arcade games and pinball machines. This is the place where all the pros play every year in the International Classic Video Game Tournament.

They have everything. If you can't find a game here, it probably doesn't exist. They even have the arcade sectioned off by developer/publisher. So if you love Atari games, you'll find them all together in one area. Want to play Pac-Man? They have a Pac-Man row. A PAC-MAN ROW. It's like the gods have descended from Mount Olympus and given us mere mortals this amazing gift. It's a place I plan on moving into when I'm living my last years as a lonely, old man who can't stay away from classic arcade games.

Enough talk about this awesome place. Let's see some pictures!


Funspot is located at:

579 Endicott Street North
Laconia, NH. 03246
(603) 366-4377

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