We've covered quite a few arcades around the country with our Arcade Spotlight installments, but we have yet to head down to The Sunshine State, where they not only have babes in bikinis and Disneyworld, but also some sweet arcades!

Arcade Odyssey is located in Miami, Florida and is a nice throwback to the arcades of old. They have nothing but arcade games here. No crazy rides or ticket redemption machines. Nope. This is for the gamer who likes their stuff old school. They not only have the greatest in fighting games, old school classics and schmups, but they also have Japanese Xbox 360 consoles, Japanese games, snacks and even some pins! And they've got over 100 classics so you'll be plenty busy.

But that's not all! They also hold cool gaming events and fund raisers, and they even have cosplay events! And you know we love us some cosplay here at Arcade Sushi.

Check out some pics below. Anyone have an extra ticket to Florida they wanna give me so I can go on a mini-vacation to Miami? Not for the sun and babes, but for the sweet arcade they've got!

Arcade Odyssey is located at:

12045 SW 117 Avenue
Miami, FL. 33186
(305) 253-2722

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