Rovio's Angry Birds franchise is arguably one of the biggest franchise hits in gaming history. Now the company is focusing its attention away from the feathered foul-tempered fliers to focus on their arch enemies -- the pigs.

Bad Piggies is the latest entry in the Angry Birds franchise. But instead of slingshotting across levels, you'll be building crazy contraptions for the pigs. Build your piece of junk contraption and try to successfully fly it through each level.

Petri Järvilehto, EVP of Games at Rovio, had this to say about the different style of gameplay in Bad Piggies:

"As far as the gameplay goes, Bad Piggies and Angry Birds are complete opposites. Angry Birds smash things up, Bad Piggies build stuff. The pigs are all about making plans and building things, even -- and especially -- when they don't work!"

Sounds crazy? Wait until you see the game in motion.

Bad Piggies will be available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices on September 27th. Rovio is also planning on releasing the game for Windows phones and the PC. Take a look at the official Bad Piggies website, and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Is it September 27th yet? I want to play this now!