Fox Entertainment and Angry Mob Games have announced that an iOS version of Alien vs. Predator: Evolution will be released sometime in early 2013.

Judging from some of the screenshots that are circling around right now, it looks like this game could be something big and badass. Hopefully it can live up to all the potential awesomeness that the two franchises bring to the table.

Say what you want about the AVP movies that have come out so far, but the previous games have been met with mostly positive critical response, so that's perhaps an encouraging sign that this first foray into the iOS world will be a good one. The game will be a 3rd person action-shooter and if the media that's been released is any indication, it will offer up a rich visual experience.

Running on the Unity Graphics Engine, the game will go up against some stiff competition in games like Infinity Blade that run on the Unreal Engine. We'll have to wait and see if Unity can stack up to Unreal. Like in previous games, you will be able to play as an Alien or a Predator, each with its own unique style of gameplay.

Until we get some more information, check out these screenshots: