New box art and concept imagery from Creative Arts' upcoming 'Aliens' video game have reportedly surfaced, giving us our first glimpse at what the studio has in store.

Thanks to OXM UK, we've gotten our first look at what appears to be the cover art for Alien: Isolation. Earlier this year, reports surfaced indicating this new 'Aliens' IP would star Ripley's daughter in similar incidents to what her mother went through in the film series. That idea picked up more traction when the newly revealed cover showcased a Ripley-esque star looking with a horrified expression.

There was also talk Isolation would take place on a space station, and wouldn't you believe it, some of the concept art unearthed features a space station orbiting a planet somewhere. Unfortunately for everyone involved, Aliens: Colonial Marines has left a horrible taste in everyone's mouths, but this leaked art does have a hint of promise. A female protagonist on her own should provide plenty of difference between the overly-macho Colonial Marines, and would go a long way in earning the franchise some much needed repsectability back.

Aliens: Isolation has yet to be officially announced by Sega or Creative Arts, but we hope the game they do reveal delivers. The world deserves a competent and strong Aliens game.

Alien Isolation box