Earlier this week, 20th Century Fox trademarked a new Aliens video game, giving fans hope the dreadful Aliens: Colonial Marines wouldn't be the final nail in the series' coffin. Now a new report has offered more details on the next title, including a very interesting protagonist choice.

Developed by Creative Assembly, the newly revealed Alien: Isolation will arrive on both current and next generation consoles in 2014. We did know Creative Assembly was working on a new Aliens game, but we didn't know when or where it would show up. According to Kotaku, the developer is using games like Dishonored and BioShock Infinite as inspiration for Isolation.

An anonymous source told the site Sega took the backlash on Colonial Marines to heart, and has been working to ensure the same mistakes don't happen again with Isolation. More importantly, the source also tipped Isolation would focus on the daughter of Alien heroine Ellen Ripley, Amanda. Isolation will reportedly take part largely on one space station, where Amanda would have to contend with a single Xenomorph threat, while also fending off "clones and soldiers."

How much of that will remain true by the time Isolation arrives in 2014 remains to be seen, but we hope some changes are made. While the single Xeno threat sounds fascinating, if done right, fighting soldiers all day makes Isolation sound about as generic as possible. That's the last thing this franchise needs right now.

Keep in mind, Creative Assembly and Sega have yet to officially reveal any details, so some or all of this may have changed since Kotaku's source tipped the site off. We'll just have to wait until 2014 to see if Sega can make amends for Colonial Marines.