There's something about martial artists that people just respond to. Maybe we like them because they're ripped, maybe we like them because martial arts look cool, or maybe we like them because they kick their foes into submission. Whatever the reason, these musclebound masters populate many a medium of popular culture. As the star of the ludicrously popular Dragon Ball series, Goku is one of the most well-known martial artist characters on the planet, headlining TV shows, movies, and, of course, video games. Goku's a dummy, but he's got a good heart and an unquenchable thirst for showing his quality in combat. Similarly, Street Fighter's Akuma obsesses over finding an opponent worthy of his power, although, unlike Goku, dude's heart is just a black little chunk of stone sending angry acid through his veins. Should these two ever meet, the battle would be legendary, and would probably involve a ridiculous amount of destroyed mountains and/or canyons.


Best Video Game: Street Fighter III: Third Strike


Worst Video Game: Street Fighter: The Movie: The Game


Signature Special Move: Shun Goku Satsu


Super Cool Transformation: Shin Akuma


Super Cute Transformation: Chibi Akuma



Best Video Game: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3


Worst Video Game: Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout


Signature Special Move: Kamehameha


Super Cool Transformation: Super Saiyan


Super Cute Transformation: Kid Goku


Winner: Goku

When pitting these two titanic brawlers against each other, it's clear who the winner would be: Son Goku himself. After all, this is a guy who repeatedly defeats the most powerful beings in the universe and could probably crack the planet in half with one good punch. As a video game star, it's hard to argue that Goku doesn't have the more impressive resume. While Akuma's been in roughly 15 games that made their way stateside, Goku's starred in over 30 (and even more when you factor in all the games that were never released over here). This bright-eyed, strong-bodied, dumb-brained hero resonates with audiences everywhere, which is why, ultimately, he'll always be victorious... unless his opponent is, like, a math problem or something. 'Cause Goku's a friggin' idiot.