A cryptic Tweet by 2K International hints that we could be returning to Rapture.

2K International posted a strange ad on its Twitter advertising Eve's Garden, suggesting some new incarnation of Rapture is on the way. Fans of the original BioShock should recognize Eve's Garden as the exotic dancing club in Poseidon Plaza. Andrew Ryan's mistress, Jasmine Jolene, was a regular performer at the Garden. While no gameplay footage was actually posted, the in-game advertisement poster for the club was Tweeted, encouraging us to think about what it means.

Many fans speculate that this could mean that the original BioShock is coming to PS Vita. Since 2K was able to do this with Borderlands 2, they might be able to do it for Rapture. Then again, this could also hint at a next-gen re-release for BioShock. It could also mean something entirely different than a re-release.

Dear 2K, would you kindly make a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of BioShock?