Justice prevails as a 17-year-old from British Columbia, Canada has plead guilty to 23 counts of criminal harassment, extortion and public mischief.

Kotaku reports that a teen from Coquitlam, British Columbia has admitted to multiple doxxing, swatting and other criminal offenses. Doxxing and swatting incidents are putting major blemishes on the video game community. Doxxing is where a person posts the personal information of a targeted individual online, including the likes of insurance and credit card numbers. Swatting is when someone contacts the police and falsely claims a deadly situation requiring a major police response at an unknowing victim's residence where there are no crimes going on at all, often resulting in armed police officers and swat team members going to the location in full force.

The Tri-City News claims the teen has been frequently aiming his horrific antics towards League of Legends players:

The teen, who went under the same social media user or name (or a variation of it), would also retaliate by posting a target’s parents’ dates of birth, and social insurance and credit card numbers on the web, and had pizza which they had not ordered delivered to their home.

The teen even targeted the females of his school by harassing them and their families (via doxxing and swatting) if they didn't accept his friend/follow requests on social media or send him pictures when he asked. This past September, the teen called the police to instigate a swatting of the home of a girl who rejected him online. He told the 911 dispatcher that he killed his parents with an AR15, had multiple explosives and would fire upon any law enforcement vehicles, and gave them the girl's address as his location. That same week, he doxxed her family, posting her family members' credit card info, social security numbers and various other types of private info online. He also tried to cancel the family's home utilities, ruined their credit rating and hacked the girls social media and email accounts — what a bastard.

He apparently shut down the Space Mountain ride at Disneyland last year based on false terrorist threats. The worst part is, he was only caught because of him sharing info of his attacks online publicly on social media. If he wasn't posting about his evil escapades online, he may never have been caught.

Here's how he was described during his court appearance:

Wearing a sweatsuit, no shoes and shackles on his ankles, the teen smirked but showed little emotion during the proceeding, though often flipped his hair, drummed his fingers on his knees or pumped his leg quickly.

The teen will return to court on June 29 for his sentencing. We hope he gets punished to the full extent of the law and doesn't get any special considerations because of his age; we hope he gets made an example of by the court to discourage any like-minded cretins out there.