The creator of Half-Minute Hero has announced his next game: an iOS role-playing game called 100 Turn Hero.

An article on Siliconera turns our attention to an announcement on Famitsu about Half-Minute Hero creator Kotaro Yoshida's next game, 100 Turn Hero. Not much is known about the title except that it will be an RPG for the iOS platform. If the title is anything to go by, we'll have to meet the game's objective within 100 turns, presumably in battle.

Siliconera seems to think that the hero will only have 100 attacks to beat each boss, so planning out your offensive could be integral to surviving and defeating the game.

100 Turn Hero will be released on Jan 17, 2014 and will cost 100 yen ($1) on the Japanese App Store. No word on whether or not it will be ported to North American territories, but we'll keep you updated.