Soon, we will see if the 10 Things We Want From the Next Xbox will be given to us. Come May 21st, Microsoft will finally unveil their next Xbox to the world. While the name is not confirmed and we have only heard rumors of the consoles specs, we still have quite a few things we want to see from the new Microsoft console. Here are the 10 Things We Want From the Next Xbox.

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    An Interesting Launch Lineup

    No console can survive without a launch line-up that lives up to expectations. The new Xbox needs to bring us Xbox exclusives that we have come to expect, like Halo and Gears of War, but it also needs to bring us a hefty amount of multi-console hits like Call of Duty and the much anticipated Watch Dogs. It would also be nice to see titles like Dance Central, Fable, Forza, and more make a return as well. Exclusives may not be the reason people buy consoles anymore, but a powerful launch line-up is still necessary in order to make a console launch work

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    Expanded Media Center Streaming Capability

    While the Xbox allows you to stream your media from your PC, it wasn’t exactly the most user friendly. Getting your Xbox to recognize your PC in the first place was kind of a huge project, and streaming to your PC took up so many resources and would make high quality videos run at a snail’s pace. Even after several updates and U.I. improvements, the PS3’s simple method of streaming media is still preferable over the Xbox’s. It would be nice to see this simplified and made more efficient for the next generation. Maybe Windows 8 will help in this area.

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    Ultra High Definition Resolutions

    The PS4 is fooling around with 4k resolutions, so the next Xbox has to be right behind it. At this point, we have no idea what a 4k resolution videogame would even look like. It would be awesome if the Xbox event would give us a taste of Ultra High Definition gaming.

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    A Built-In Kinect

    Even though the Kinect doesn’t have that many popular titles, it’s still the most popular motion control peripheral on the hardcore platforms. The PS4 is including a Kinect like camera built right into the console. The next Xbox should do the same. In fact, it would be even better if the Xbox’s motion control camera had new functionality that the Kinect didn’t have. Rumors have already been spread about its ability to sense movement as fine as finger wiggles. We hope that this ends up being true.

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    Backward Compatibility

    The PS4 sadly will not be backwards compatible. Not even your downloaded PS3 titles will be transferrable to the PS4. Instead, you will have to make due with remote gameplay through Gaikai’s new streaming service, which is great for single player games but crap for anything that requires frame perfect timing. If the Xbox Infinity were revealed to be fully backward compatible it would have a huge advantage over the PS4. We have heard a few reports saying that the next Xbox won’t be backwards compatible, but that hasn’t been confirmed yet. We hope they aren’t true.

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    Free Online

    The PS3 survived just fine without charging its users for online service. It’s time for the next Xbox to follow suit. It would be nice if Xbox Gold ended up being something akin to PlayStation Plus. Instead of simply charging users to get online, the extra fee could go toward free video games that they would get to download each month.

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    Streaming Using a Service People Actually Use

    The PS4 is going to allow gamers to use UStream in order to live broadcast their gameplay to the internet. That’s great, except no one actually uses UStream. The streaming platform of choice is easily You can tell because it has huge booths at every gaming convention, E3 included. The fact that the service is still open is a huge opportunity for Microsoft. If they partnered with Twitch, the next Xbox would be far more desirable to the streaming community than the PlayStation 4.

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    An Expanded Digital Distribution Service

    The PlayStation 3 really had a leg up on the Xbox 360 in terms of digitally distributed content. It had tons of top titles available as day one downloads and demos. Xbox’s games on demand, on the other hand, generally tended to lag behind with their full game releases, offering them only several weeks after the game came out. We would like to see the Xbox catch up with the PlayStation in this area. The PlayStation 4 is going to focus on digital distribution and the next Xbox should as well.

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    A New D-Pad

    This one is simple. The Xbox d-pad is horrible! It constantly gives you botched inputs. It may be one of the word d-pads ever designed. It got better when Microsoft introduces the twist d-pad which allowed the directional cross to be raised up from the controller, but even that was problematic. Seriously Microsoft, re-think your controller a bit and give us a d-pad that works.

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    Don’t Be Always Online

    Finally, the one thing that we want the most out of the next Xbox is the de-confirmation of a rumor that has been spreading for the past few months. Several media outlets have said that the next Xbox will be an always online system. This is, quite possibly, the worst thing that Microsoft could do. They would lose their entire fanbase in areas with less reliable internet service. They could completely alienate the tournament community, as it would be impossible to keep multiple Xboxes online in a public space during a tournament. It would frustrate users who don’t know how to set up their routers and modems. It will cause all the problems that SimCity and Diablo III had at launch and then some. Most importantly, it won’t actually help to cut back piracy because pirates will find a way around it anyway! So please, Microsoft, use your head and allow your games to be played offline.