Kids these days. Every time I see a child using an iPad or an iPhone, it kind of creeps me out. They just take to it so naturally! I was busy playing around with wooden blocks at that age, not scrubbing to a specific point in a digital video. Since it's inevitable that future generations will adapt to technology at an earlier age, you parents out there might as well make sure your young ones are playing around with the good stuff. So here are 10 of the best iOS games for your kids to play.

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    House Pest starring Fiasco the Cat

    2K Play

    Cats can be testy creatures. Unless you have a particularly patient feline, there's a good chance that junior will get scratched if he tries to play with the cat. This game eliminates that worry, letting youngsters play around with a virtual cat instead. The virtual cat in question is Fiasco, a mischievous little kitty who enjoys getting into trouble. The game is full of big, colorful graphics that are presented in a friendly manner. The aim of the game is to solve simple puzzles that will help you clean up after Fiasco. These games range from timed tapping ones to easy memory exercises. Fiasco has enough personality to keep your kid nicely entertained. The free version only has one level that's completed rather quickly.

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    Disney Fairies Fashion Boutique


    Have a kid that loves putting on costumes and strutting around? Encourage your budding fashionista with this fun little game from Disney. Fairies Fashion Boutique lets them play around in Pixie Hollow, where you are able to run your own Fairy store and design outfits. You start out by stylizing your own Fairy, before making tweaks and adjustments to your own boutique. All of this helps you earn Pixie Dust, which you collect to help you unlock new levels. Since this game is from Disney, kids get to have a safe and rewarding experience. Don't worry parents, Tinker Bell is there to make sure things don't get too risque.

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    My School Dance

    Sunstorm Interactive

    For a certain type of girl out there, this 10 best kids games app from Sunstorn Interactive has it all. My School Dance is full of boys, dances, shopping and proms ... oh my! This one isn't for young kids, but girls that are a few years out from high school. There are several mini-games to help you earn money along the way. These are mostly mindless, tap-oriented tasks that will slowly build up your cash reserve so you can go spend it all at the mall. If you have the best swag and the best moves, you could be crowned Prom Queen. Tomboys probably won't want to have anything to do with this one - it's pretty much all Mean Girls in your quest to prepare for the big dance.

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    PBS Kids

    Based on the hit PBS Kids TV show SUPER WHY!, this game lets players learn from the show's main character Whyatt, along with his "Super Reader" friends. Each friend controls an aspect of the game that focuses on different educational challenges to help youngsters learn to read, write and problem solve. This is a great game for kids aged three to six, especially if they are already fans of the show. Because the app is from PBS, there is a seamless feel going from the TV program to the game.

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    My Horse


    Every girl wants a pony when they're growing up. But unless you're part of a rich family, chances are you don't have the fundage to let your little princess learn the ins-and-outs of dressage. Fortunately, there's an app for that. Taking a page from the virtual pet genre popularized by Tamagotchi and games like Nintendogs, this 10 best kids games entry gives your child the opportunity to care for a virtual horse in this (I can't believe I am typing this out), realistic horse simulation. The activities mostly revolve around caring for the horse, which looks very realistic. The better you are at taking care of your horse, the more care tasks you will be able to unlock. I can easily see how a kid could form a real attachment with one of these digital thoroughbreds.

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    Bubble Mania


    A word of warning with this one - introducing your child to a bubble popping game can be a dangerous proposition. Remember all that time you wasted not studying in college because you were too busy playing Snood? Well, this offering from TeamLava is just as addictive. It's also a colorful and fun little puzzler that is sure to entertain you as much as it will your kids. The cute animals and shiny presentation make for a great-looking package that's much more challenging that it appears at first glance. Just be wary of the temper tantrums that are sure to follow when your spouse makes you give the iPad back to your kid.

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    Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing


    Okay, enough of this learning business. Kids gotta have fun too! And one surefire way to do that is with Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing. Since we'll probably never get to see Mario Kart on iOS devices, this game is the next best thing. It's pretty much Mario Kart with Sonic characters. And it plays great on both the iPhone and iPad. Admit it, you probably want to play this one too, new parents. You remember Sonic. That whirling blue dervish, manic as ever, along with other staple characters like Tails and Dr. Eggman. No Knuckles, though. Whatup with that, SEGA? Despite that, your game deserves a place on our 10 best kids games list.

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    Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities

    Callaway Digital Arts

    Thomas & Friends Engine Activities is a straight-forward offering from Callaway Digital Arts that goes full steam ahead, offering kids matching games, easy puzzles and plenty of things to color. The game isn't revolutionary or even all that educational, but it's solid and well-presented. For every activity, you have the option to select an "Easy" or "Hard" level. It pretty much boils down to this - if you have kids that are already fans of Thomas & Friends in any way, get this app. Games like this with brand name content are rarely phoned in. Though that does happen on occasion and the results are always something we should never speak of again.

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    Draw Along with Stella and Sam

    zinc Roe

    Perhaps the best looking of the games on this list, this latest installment in the Stella and Sam story book apps is another excellent children's adventure turned in from zinc Roe. This one is a little more free form than past games, focusing more on giving your kid an outlet for some gently guided creativity. The animation and voice acting are top notch, making it feel like a really well-produced cartoon. As a matter of fact, that's exactly what it is - only in Canada. But the apps are so well done, this is the next best thing to watching it. So unless you have a cable package where you get Disney Junior Canada, we would definitely recommend this and all of the other Stella and Sam apps if you're looking for well-made, whimsical, and educational entertainment for your kids. Or yourself!

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    Elmo Loves ABCs

    Sesame Street

    Chances are if you have a young child they already love Elmo. That little red guy is everywhere. Elmo is the Michael Jordan of children's entertainment. And Elmo plays for team Sesame Street, aka the 1996 Chicago Bulls. In general, stuff with Elmo's name attached is a mark of quality and this iOS game is no exception. Elmo Loves ABCs is a wonderful way for young kids to learn the alphabet in many cleverly designed ways. All of the different game modes, along with the top-notch production values also make this Elmo game a hefty app to download, with all the integrated video clips adding up to a robust 538 MB of space for the iPad. But this is Elmo we're talking about. You know your kids will love it, which is why it's #1 on our 10 best kids games list.


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