Dice games have been around since the ... well, they've been around for a long time. So a 10 best dice games list from the App Store should be easy, right? Wrong. Like the roll of the dice, it's a crapshoot trying to find the best ones in a pool filled with loaded apps. We thought we'd put the odds in your favor and let you know what the 10 best dice games are.

  • 10

    Dice Me Online HD

    Arturo Gutierrez

    It's like Yahtzee but with nice classical music. Play solo or find someone online and challenge them to see who is the best. Lots of modes and achievements help spice things up, but you're basically getting Yahtzee and nothing more.

  • 9

    Zombie Dice

    Steve Jackson Games Incorporated

    Battle the zombie to see who can collect more brains! Roll the zombie dice and try to gather up brains and not shotgun blasts. Too many shotgun blasts in a turn and you're gonna lose. Luckily, you can stop your turn anytime and see how the zombie fares. It's a fun little distracting game with a nice zombie motif.

  • 8

    Star Wars Dice

    Fantasy Flight Publishing, Inc.

    What the hell do I do with this? Why did I pay $4.99 for this again? To look at dice? Ooooooooh, this is an accessory for the X-Wing Miniatures game and Star Wars Roleplaying game! Well, why didn't anyone tell me this? I thought I'd roll dice and lightsabers would pop up or something. I suppose it's still a worthy purchase for you Star Wars roleplaying nuts. Just don't pull anymore Jedi mind tricks like that on me again, ok?

  • 7


    Liliya Novikova

    They made a game from my favorite Van Halen song? Oh, that's Panama, my bad. This dice game made our best of list because it's like Yahtzee, but has a few more rules and twists added to it. It's addicting because there is some strategy involved. Which I'll figure out as soon as I get these damn song lyrics out of my head. "Abacaaaaaa! Abacaaa-ha!"

  • 6

    Lock 'n' Roll Deluxe

    James Prucey

    Our 10 best dice games list continues with Lock 'n' Roll Deluxe, a fun puzzle/dice game where you roll the dice, then place them on the board and try to match them by color and number. It can be confusing at first but once the combo points start racking up and you earn trophies and achievements you'll be itching to play again.

  • 5

    Dice Match

    Big Smash Studios

    This best dice game entry is a simple match-three that's actually a lot of fun. Match three or more of the same number and let the points rack up! Look for 10X multipliers as well. There are different modes available (you have to purchase them to unlock them. Boooo!) but you can still have fun with the regular game mode. Oh, a 2,000 point match? I'll take that.

  • 4

    Craps Shooter

    Andrew Bradnan

    Holy crap, it's Craps! And it plays just like Craps in Las Vegas with its Craps felt and Craps chips and great Craps dice physics! And you can bet just like in real Craps! Now you can practice your Craps skills and dump your entire crappy paycheck on this addicting game called Craps! Who wants to loan me $40?

  • 3

    Dice With Buddies

    stofle designs

    "Hey Buddy, wanna play dice?" "Sounds good, buddy! Where shall we play?" "Download Dice With Buddies, buddy!" "No way buddy, this look cool. We can play each other?" "Yes we can buddy!" "Right on, buddy! Start up a game!" "Hey, it's like Yahtzee, buddy! I'm gonna beat you good!" "Not if I beat you first, buddy!" "AHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

  • 2

    Yahtzee Adventures

    Electronic Arts

    Yahtzee is going on any 10 best dice games list no matter what. You can play the regular game or the story adventure mode, where you take on different Yahtzee masters around the world. I remember playing this back in the flip phone days and it was just as fun then as it is now. Oh, look! I got another Yahtzee! Shake that in your cup and smoke it, sensei.

  • 1

    Gamebook Adventures Series

    Tin Man Games Pty Ltd

    I chose the entire series and not just one game because each one is so well put together that it doesn't matter which story you choose. They're a little pricey at $6 a story, but you get to read and make different choices, just like in the Choose Your Own Adventure books! And you use dice to determine the outcome of battles. They're really well put together and worth checking out, which is why they hold the #1 spot in our 10 best dice games list!