Everyone loves playing cards. Whether it's a nice relaxing game of Crazy Eights or the thrill of taking down a pot in poker, card games can be enjoyed by anyone, anywhere. But what are the 10 best card games in the App Store? We shuffled through the hundreds of card apps available to find the best.

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    Hey, it's Blackjack! And that's it! What else do you need in a Blackjack game? Goofy characters? Naw. Just give us an app that plays smooth and let's us practice our card counting game. A nice interface puts this Blackjack game in our 10 best card games list.

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    Three Card Poker

    RNF Technologies Pvt Ltd

    Tired of playing Blackjack? Then try your luck at the popular casino game Three Card Poker, where you're guaranteed to lose your money. Unless you only play on this app. Then you can bet like a dummy all day long and it won't cost you a cent! Just don't bring your bad betting habits to Vegas.

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    Gin Rummy

    Trivial Technology

    I'm terrible at Gin Rummy, but that won't stop me from learning how to get better at it. And I can, thanks to this slick app that helps beginners and veterans practice their game. It's got a nice clean interface and quick gameplay. Gin Rummy fans will dig it.

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    Gameloft S.A.

    Who doesn't love UNO? I mean seriously, who doesn't? It's a great time killer that you can take with you anywhere and almost everyone knows how to play it. From the cute girl sitting by herself at the coffee shop to the homeless guy on the street corner. A game is there if you've got the cards -- or the app. Might wanna try playing with the cute girl in the coffee shop though.

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    Swipe the Deck


    Swipe the Deck is the latest poker game with a twist. Instead of playing a regular game of poker, you have to find the best poker hands on the board and try to outscore your opponent. We dug the game's simplicity and it's a great learning tool for poker noobs. Yes, a flush beats a straight.

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    Spider Solitaire

    Branium Studios LLC

    Spider Solitaire is just as much fun as regular solitaire! And since your IT department took it off of your computer at work since you were playing it all day instead of doing your job, you can now whip out your iPhone or iPad and play it anyway! Screw you, IT guys! You can't stop an awesome game of Spider Solitaire!

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    Phase 10

    Magmic Inc

    Phase 10 is a different but fun card game. Try and score points as you go through different phases of the game against the computer opponents. Don't worry if you don't know how to play, the Help section tells you all the rules. Still, it's a tough game to try and win against three other people. But that's half the fun, isn't it?

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    Magic 2013

    Wizards of the Coast LLC

    I'll start off by saying I don't play Magic the Gathering. I never have. I don't understand it. I booted up Magic 2013 and was lost from the get go. Lucky for me, they have a really good tutorial for beginners. They'll even change the difficulty for newbies to help you out. After playing for a long time, I am now a Magic the Gathering grand master and I'm going to take my skills on the road and beat everyone in tournaments around the world. Just warning you ahead of time.

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    Duel of Fate

    Gameevil USA, Inc.

    Do battle with a bunch of cool looking monsters in this card battle RPG game! Pick out your favorite monsters and watch them duke it out against each other. Some cards have special properties and abilities. Win a battle and earn new cards. It's like Pokemon, only for big boys.

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    Poker by Zynga

    Zynga Inc.

    Not a surprise that Poker by Zynga would make the top of our 10 best card games list. The slick poker app has so many players online at any given time that you'll never be lonely at the tables. With awesome social media features and incentives to try and get to Pro status, Poker by Zynga will be one of your 10 favorite card games as soon as you start playing it.