Any fan of Nathan Drake should recognize that his plans are never perfect. Still, let's keep pushing for Nathan Fillion.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-winning screenwriter Mark Boal, known for writing and producing 'The Hurt Locker' and 'Zero Dark Thirty',  will be working on the script for the upcoming 'Uncharted' film. The most recent version of the script was written by David Guggenheim ('Safe House'), and Boal has been signed on for three-weeks of edits and fixes to the film's story. The movie is being directed by Seth Gordon, the director of 'Horrible Bosses'.

The Hollywood Reporter claims that both Mark Wahlberg and Chris Pratt have been offered the role of Nathan Drake but both have passed on the project. We should just start a petition to get Nathan Drake portrayed by Captain Malcolm Reynolds himself, Nathan Fillion. Oh wait, someone already beat us to it.