Don't look now, but ZeptoLab's lovable little critter/mascot Om Nom is going to be munching his way through your iOS device into the real world! How's that? Through an augmented reality app, that's how!

With Om Nom: Candy Flick, you will be able to see the star of Cut the Rope outside the parameters of your iPhone! The trick is that you will have to print out a special AR card (or display it on a secondary device), and then boot up the game.

Once you've got Om Nom: Candy Flick running, point your camera at the AR card and little Om Nom will come to life! There isn't much of a game behind it, but it's cool that ZeptoLab is staying true to their name and putting their mobile gaming laboratories to good use.

You can grab Om Nom: Candy Flick right now for iPhone and iPad. And it's free!

Check out the video below for info: